Gordon A. Bailey Middle School



The following is a suggested school supply list to get your middle schooler off to a great start! You may send the supplies with your student after they have been assigned a locker.  Locker assignments generally happen at the end of the first week of school.  These lists include materials needed for core subjects, and students will need refills of these items throughout the year. Please note that some teachers may provide students with a list of additional supplies specific to their class.

Items all students will need:

  • A Bailey Dailey Runner Agenda (BDR) – available for purchase through school for $5
  • PE Uniform - $17 ($6 Shirt/$6 Shorts/$5 required equipment fee); Sold in PE Class.  Cash or checks made payable to "Bailey Middle School".  
    Note: additional PE uniforms are available for $6 per piece ($6 shirt / $6 shorts)
  • Tennis shoes for PE Class
  • Science lab fee of $10 which will be collected during the first week of school
  • A master lock for PE or Dance

  Suggested items for donation:

  • Paper towels
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Kleenex x 2
  • Pencils  

   6th Grade


●  48-No.2 pencils for daily use (Students go through pencils VERY quickly!)

●  Blue or black ink pens for daily use

●  Wide ruled lined paper for daily use

●  3 ring pencil pouch/bag

●  5 wide ruled composition notebooks (hardback required; NO SPIRALS)

●  2 two pocket folder

●  1 two-inch ring binder (or 2 one-inch binders)

●  2 packages of  5 tab dividers

●  Kleenex; at least two boxes; the more, the merrier

●  1 Master Combo Lock for PE/Dance

●  Colored pencils

●  Earbuds

●  1 hand held sharpener with receptacle (optional) 

 7th Grade


Social Studies – one 3 subject college-ruled spiral notebook (NOT to be shared with any other class, MUST have a vinyl/plastic cover and a minimum of 150 sheets with 4 pocket folders inside), Donations: washable markers, Clorox wipes, Glue sticks.

English/Language Arts – one 1” Binder, 1 package of colored tab dividers

Math – composition notebook (college ruled),  1” binder, 1 package graph paper, red pen, 1 package dividers

Science – 3 subject spiral (college ruled), 4 glue sticks, folder, Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, paper towels

General – colored pencils (12ct), pencils, tissues, notebook paper, & pens 

 8th Grade

Social Studies – 3 subject spiral, 1.5” binder, and tissues

English/Language Arts– 1” binder, one package dividers, blue or black pens

Math – 6 glue sticks, composition notebook (wide ruled), vinyl folder (2 pocket with brads), 1 package graph paper

Science – Something to take notes in (your choice: spiral or binder), 4 glue sticks, 2 rolls paper towels, 2 boxes tissues

General – colored pencils (12ct), pencils, tissues, notebook paper, & pens