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September 17th Edition-Bailey Bear Happenings



September 17th 2021 Edition

Information about Class Scheduling Changes

Dear Bailey Parents,

Every September, AISD goes through a staffing process called “Leveling” whereby teachers at schools that are under-enrolled are transferred to schools that are over-enrolled and are in need of extra teachers.  In this way the district maintains optimal efficiency in staffing all our schools at the most appropriate levels possible.  This process does have an impact on students because teaching positions are lost at one school while gained at another school.  Students’ class schedules will change because the school’s master schedule must be adjusted to deal with the loss or gain of teachers at a campus.

This year, Bailey is impacted by under-enrollment.  Our Office of Human Capital informed us that we were overstaffed by 2 teachers and we would have to place those teachers on the surplus list (to be moved to a different campus.)  Instead of identifying two teachers to put on the surplus list, Bailey has identified two current vacant positions  (8th grade Math and 8th Grade ELA - English/Language Arts) that we will fill internally by using staff currently on campus.  By doing this we can keep all of our teachers here at Bailey.  The vacant positions revert back to the Office of Human Capital to be used as vacancies elsewhere.

This means that we have to move teachers and classes internally as we rework the master schedule.  The moves will affect more than two hundred fifty students across all grade levels, not just 8th grade.  For example, in order to cover six classes of 8th grade math, we will have to pull teachers from the rest of the math department.  That means some classes will be moved from one period to another, other smaller classes may be dissolved and those students will be moved into other classes, etc.  There is no easy way to solve this enormous puzzle of students and classes and schedules.

This letter is to inform everyone that these changes may, or may not, affect your child.  The change in class schedules will begin next Thursday, September 23rd, (A-Day) and Friday, September 24th, (B-day).  All students directly affected with a change to their schedule will be notified of their new schedule prior to those dates.

Our counselors will begin talking to some individual students beginning tomorrow if their schedule is going to change dramatically.  Many students may be moved into different classes, or different electives, depending on the teachers who are affected by this process.  Please understand, for some students we may have very limited choices of alternate classes.  We will do our best to place them in classes they would prefer, but if classes are full we will have limited options.  Other students may see minor changes to their schedule (perhaps only a simple swap of periods, or a swap of teachers, but the same subject, etc.).

Based on previous experience, while this process is temporarily disruptive, the students affected will settle into their new schedules and make necessary adjustments in short order.  All grades recorded up to this point will move with the student to the new teacher.

Please understand that once these schedules are moved/adjusted, requests for schedule changes will not be available.  (Mistakes in scheduling will be corrected, but requests for changes regarding preference of classes cannot be considered because so many of our elective classes will be at capacity.)

Finally, based on these changes to the master schedule, and the 2nd semester return to campus of students currently enrolled in our virtual classes, some students may experience changes to their  class schedules at the semester break. 

These changes are occurring all over the district at this time, in elementary, middle, and high schools.  Bailey is following all the district protocols to implement these changes in synch with all other AISD campuses.

Special Note for 8th Grade Math Classes (Former teacher – Mr. Smith)

These 8th grade classes will now be taught by Mr. Jacob Taras.  He has been a long time 7th grade teacher here at Bailey and we are grateful he will be helping us in 8th grade.  His 7th grade classes will be picked up by other 7th and 6th grade teachers.  We are grateful to Mr. Little for covering these classes for us this year.

Special Note for 8th grade ELA classes (former teacher – Ms. King)

These 8th grade classes will now be taught by Ms. Sonia Gonzalez.  She has been at Bailey for a couple of years now and has most recently been teaching Reading at 6th grade.  Her 6th grade classes will be redistributed to other 6th grade teachers.  We are grateful to Mr. Jaimes for covering these classes for us this year. 

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we do our best to continue to provide the best learning environment possible for our students.


John Rocha


Student Code of Conduct

 2021-2022 SCOC - English.pdf 

An electronic copy of this Code is available on the district website at:


P.E. Uniforms

For those students who ordered a PE uniform and have not received it, please ask your coach when you come to class in order to receive the uniform! Thank you from the Bailey PE Staff.

Bailey Athletic Booster Club Store

 Please visit the following link to purchase Bailey Bear merchandise from our wonderful Bailey Athletic Booster Club Store


7th Grade Girls Interested in Basketball

We will start tryouts October 1st. You must attend at least two of the three tryout times. Those dates and times are October 1 6:30- 8am, October 8th 6:30-8am and 4:00-5:30pm. Notice, we are meeting in the morning and afternoon on October 8th. In order to participate, you must have your physical turned in and online forms completed before October 1st. For additional information, please see Coach Brown in room 505 or Coach Avila in the gym.

Bailey Cheerleaders

Brain Power

Parents,  check out the information on the upcoming AISD Brain Power Series for parents-- in English and Spanish! We would love to see you there!

Brain Power (English Series).pdf 

Brain Power (Spanish).pdf 

Austin ISD Long Range Planning Committee Inforamtion

 Austin ISD Long- Range Planning Committee Information

Austin ISD is now accepting applications to serve on the Austin ISD Long-range Planning Committees! The LPCs will be made up of parents, community members, students and district staff who will help the district develop long-range plans and a prioritized list of recommended projects in each of these areas: 

  • Academics and Career & Technical Education

  • Athletics 

  • Visual & Performing Arts

  • Facilities

  • Safety, Security & Resiliency

  • Transportation, Food Service & Maintenance

  • Technology  

These plans will ultimately help determine which improvements and new facilities are included in our next bond. 

Please fill out the online application no later than 11:59 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 19. For more information, visit www.austinisd.org/advisory-bodies/lpc

The above message is also available in Spanish.

Campus Health and Safety

Click HERE to learn more about our Health and Safety Protocols. It includes information about:

  • Arrival and Dismissal Procedures
  • Face Coverings
  • Health Screenings
  • Visitors on Campus
  • Outdoor Learning Environments
  • Protocols for Cleaning and Disinfecting
  • Physical Environment and Safety Protocols
  • Transitions
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Upcoming Events


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 * Check Bailey Athletic Site for time and site for games at http://baileyathletics.wixsite.com/bears

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