Gordon A. Bailey Middle School

Looking for Attendance Info?

Kimberly McCracken is our new Attendance Specialist at Bailey.  Ms. McCracken is happy to help you with all your attendance needs.  You can reach her at kimberly.mccracken@austinisd.org, or at 512-414-5414

Some helpful tips:

  • Absence notes & doctor's notes can be:
       -emailed to kimberly.mccracken@austinisd.org,
       -sent in person to the front office with your student,
       -or faxed
  • When a student is not in class for any reason (home sick, on a field trip, late bus, in the nurse's office, testing in another room), the teacher must mark them absent. This automatically triggers an attendance email/phone call to be sent to the parent or guardian.  Once a parent, doctor note or field trip list has been sent in, the attendance record will be changed to reflect the nature of the absence. If you are still seeing an unexcused absence in the parent cloud after several days, please alert Ms. McCracken.
  • Wondering what all the attendance codes mean? Reference this list to understand excused vs. unexcused absence codes: Student Attendance Quick Sheet for Parents