Gordon A. Bailey Middle School

2020 Teacher Wish Lists

Each new year at the start of the second semester, we like to check in with our teachers regarding needed supplies for their classrooms. The most requested items are pencils, Kleenex, notebook paper and dry erase markers! Some items, like books for classroom libraries or decks of playing cards, could be used and still greatly appreciated. Click the teacher or department's name below to review their list.   You can purchase items directly through Amazon and have them delivered to your teacher at Bailey. You can also buy outside of Amazon and send clearly labeled donations to the front office.  Thank you for supporting our teachers!

Please make sure to identify the teacher recipient when sending items to Bailey!  Gift receipts work great,  identifying both the teacher and donor.  We want to get the supplies to the correct teacher.  

Counseling Department Wish List – Baker Puscas, Frels

Library Wish List – Mrs. Ripstra

PE Department – Coach’s List

Priscilla Allen – In School Suspension Monitor

Victoria Bailey – Art Teacher

Brooke Beasley – Choir Teacher

Lara Brown – 8th Grade Science / Coach

Kit Cavender – 6th Grade Math

Claire Chenault – Scores

Cristina Dolman – 8th Grade English

Joanne Fiore – Art & Yearbook

Sherri Foster – SBS Teacher

Efren Gil – 7th Grade TX History

Samuel Hatchitt – 8th Grade Math/Science

Carolyn Hundley – 7th Grade Science

Sarah Kauffman – 6th Grade English

Jennifer Krumrei – Dance/PE

Joy Lozano-Studstrup – 6th Grade English

Sarah Macomber – SPED/ELA

Vicki Massey – 8th Grade Math

Linda McArthur - Orchestra

Katie Moccia – 7th Grade Science

Cheryl Navarrete – 6th Grade World Cultures

Dawnita Nix – 7th Grade TX History

Keely King – 8th Grade English   

Megan Kunselman – 6th Grade Math

Joseph Puscas – 6th Grade

Kevin Rawlings – 7th Grade English

Jason Rodgers – 8th Grade History

Jennifer Seale – 8th Grade History

Patricia Snyder-Davis – 6th /7th Grade English

Romie Tafoya – 7th Grade Science / Native Plants & Animals

Jacob Taras - 7th Grade Math

Arthur Thompson - Robotics

Emily Tipps - 8th Grade Science

Ursula Walker - Theatre Teacher

Kirk White - 6/7/8 World Cultures & History 

Celia Venegas - Spanish