Gordon A. Bailey Middle School

4020 Lost Oasis Hollow

Austin, TX 78739

512 414-4990

Bailey Brags

We are excited to announce that we have been awarded a $10,000 grant from Seeds of Change to improve and expand our school garden!
There were 25 grant awards available and 200 schools applied. The winning bids were evaluated using a 2-step process. The first was an online public voting phase, with the 50 applicants with the most votes going on to be judged against specific criteria.
The Bailey PTA put together the application and were instrumental in promoting the online voting opportunities that led Bailey's application to the shortlist. The Bailey Garden Facebook page, showing all of the projects that have been completed in the past 2 years, demonstrated that Bailey had the ability to execute the plans which was one of the essential criteria. 
The grant will be used to help create landscaping and gardening opportunities for students to earn the Presidential Volunteer Service Award; to establish 2 self-sustaining plant sales (one in spring on Earth Day and one in the fall on Texas Arbor Day) and (subject to approval) to build a greenhouse on campus.
A wealth of research conducted around the world shows that access to high quality outdoor space helps students to learn, improves behavior and reduces stress. The new and improved garden will also offer opportunities for students in programs such as Culinary Arts to grow their own food and to learn about biodiversity and horticulture.
Thanks especially to parent volunteer Mike Berryman for all the hard work he put into making this bid successful!