Gordon A. Bailey Middle School

Eighth Grade

Summer Reading Assignment

for Incoming 8th Graders 2018-2019


Choose a book to read from the list below. You are encouraged to take notes about plot and characterization as you read. You will complete a project for this book during the first six weeks of school. It will be a major grade.


Out of My Mind                                         Sharon M. Draper

Tears of a Tiger                                          Sharon M. Draper

House Arrest                                               K.A. Holt

Speak                                                           Laurie Halse Anderson

Ready Player One                                       Earnest Cline

Gym Candy                                                 Carl Deuker

The Hobbit                                                 J.R.R. Tolkien

The Boy on the Wooden Box                    Leon Leyson

Night                                                           Elie Wiesel



Enjoy your reading!