Gordon A. Bailey Middle School

Spinal Screening Announcement

Our school will do spinal screenings for seventh grade girls and eighth grade boys Monday, November 5th during advisory period. 

State law states that schools must screen students for spinal problems for girls in the 7th grade and boys in the 8th grade. Trained screeners (your school nurse) will check your child for signs of spinal problems like scoliosis. 

The screening is simple. Screeners will look at your child’s back while he or she stands and bends forward, and run a scoliometer down the length of the spine to look for abnormal curvature. 

Important recommendations for exam day: both girls and boys should wear thinner shirts. If the student is wearing a jacket or hoodie they will be asked to remove that item of clothing. Boys and girls will be screened separately and one at a time. 

The school will send you a letter if your child does not pass the screening. The letter will tell you how to follow up with a doctor. 

This screening is not a medical exam. Your child still needs to see a doctor for checkups. 

If you do not wish to have your child screened for religious reasons, you must submit an exemption to the school no later than Friday November 2nd.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Jessica Howell RN