Gordon A. Bailey Middle School

Red Ribbon Week Spirit Days


Monday:  “Black out drugs from your life.” - Everyone is encouraged to wear black clothes and also go to the football playoffs in your black clothes at the Burger Annex.  7th grade game is at 6:00 p.m. and the 8th grade game is at 7:30 p.m.
Tuesday:   “Put a cap on drugs” – Everyone is encouraged to wear a cap or a hat.
Wednesday:  “Too smart to start, so team up against drugs” – Everyone is encouraged to dress up professionally (nice clothes) or wear Bailey school colors. (black, silver & royal blue)
Thursday:  “Sock it to drugs and give them the boot” - Everyone is encouraged to wear outrageous, colorful or mismatched socks and/or boots.
Friday:  “Your future is bright without drugs” – Everyone is encouraged to wear neon or bright colored clothes.


Austin ISD will celebrate Red Ribbon Week October 22-26, 2018. This week is a collaborative effort between Coordinated School Health Leaders, Austin ISD Peer Assistance Leadership Members (PALS), School Nurses, and School Counselors.

Our goal is to promote healthy choices, positive activities, and encourage students to avoid drugs, tobacco and alcohol. Each day has a content area focus:
 Day 1: Healthy Coping Skills
 Day 2: Alcohol
 Day 3: Marijuana 
 Day 4: Vaping/ E-Cigarettes
 Day 5: Love your BRAIN Day 

Parents are one of the most important factors in alcohol and drug use prevention. According to National Family Partnership, children of parents who talk to their teens regularly about drugs are 42% less likely to use drugs that those who don’t, yet only a quarter of teens report having these conversations.


We encourage you to take some time this week to talk to your child about your expectation that they avoid drugs, tobacco, and alcohol. There has been a recent rise in vaping or “e-cigarettes” amongst Central Texas teenagers, and parents are key to preventing teen smoking. This resource from the surgeon general provides some tips for parents on how to have the conversation and sample talking points.


Austin ISD is also posting a handout in every nurse’s office that includes information from the “CRAFFT” screener. We encourage you to talk about the warning signs of drug and alcohol dependence with your child. If you need some community based resources for drug and alcohol treatment, contact your primary care physician, school nurse, or school counselor.


Many accidental overdoses occur from children taking unused prescription medications. This is also good time to check your medicine cabinet and dispose of medication properly. Local Walgreens Pharmacies have “take back” programs, so you can take your old medicines there.


Thank you for partnering with Austin ISD as we help keep our students healthy and safe, so that they can graduate college, career, and life ready!