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Nutrition Policy FAQ's & Guidelines

Nutrition Policy FAQ’s


1.     Can we have a food fundraiser during the school day?

No.  You cannot sell food and/or beverages as a fundraiser during the school day according to District policy FFA, Local.  You can sell food and/or beverages after regular school hours and on weekends during campus events.

2.     Can we have pizza/popcorn parties?

You may have a food related party if the entire campus will be participating and it’s identified as one of your campuses three exempted days.

3.     Can we use food for instructional purposes?

Yes.  A small sample or a bite of food is allowed with lessons about food or culture.  You cannot serve a meal during a lesson.  Food cannot be used as a reward or teaching tool (ie; counting).  See policy FFA (Exhibit) for more guidelines.  

4.     Can we sell, provide, give students and staff Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value (FMNV’s) and/or all forms of candy? 

No.  FMNV’s and all forms of candy are not allowed at anytime, anywhere on AISD campuses, K-12.

5.     Can parents bring fast-food to the office for their child to eat during lunch? 

Yes.  We cannot govern what parents provide for their own children; however, they cannot provide food for other children.

6.    Can we have parties during lunch periods?

No.  You cannot have a party or food fund-raiser during meal serving times. 

7.    Do we need a food permit to sell food at our track and field or concession stand? 

Yes and no.  If you’re going to be selling food to the public, other than parents, students, and staff you will need a permit.

 8.   Can parents bring cupcakes, cookies, cake, etc to celebrate their child’s birthday?

Yes.  Parents can bring a treat on the date of the child’s birth.  They cannot distribute the treat in the cafeteria.  The federal government (USDA) does not allow competitive foods during meal serving times.  You can distribute cupcakes right after lunch in the classroom or at the end of the day. 

9.   Can a parent bring food for other students to consume during the school day? 

No.  A parent can only bring food and/or beverages for consumption by their child.  A parent cannot bring any food item to another child even with parent permission.  A parent can only provide food and/or beverage for their child.  

Contact Information

 Comprehensive Health Services

Tracy Spinner, Asst Director
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General Nutrition Guidelines:


All campuses may not serve or provide access for students to Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value (FMNV) and all other forms of candy at any time anywhere on school premises until the end of the last scheduled class.


Such foods and beverages may not be sold or given away to students on school premises by school administrators or staff (principals, coaches, teachers, etc.), students or student groups, parents or parent groups, guest speakers or any other person, company or organization


Campuses are allowed three events annually to provide food during the day (with the exception of during meal serving times).  Some examples include; a campus wide pizza party for perfect attendance and/or a holiday or event celebration.


All campuses may not sell food or beverages for any fund-raising activity during the school day as directed by Board Policy, FFA, Local.


According to “Lauren’s Law” a parent can provide a treat on the date of the child’s birth. Parents may bring items to celebrate their child’s birthday; however, they cannot be provided to students in the cafeteria during meal serving times. 


A campus may develop additional guidelines concerning birthday celebrations, such as number of celebrations per month and certain time to celebrate, so as not to interfere with instructional time. 


Vending machines are provided by Healthy Vending by h.u.m.a.n (Clint Capps, 512-740-3174).   Healthy foods are provided in all vending machines district-wide for student and staff access. 


Middle School:


Campuses may not allow food or beverages to be provided to students anywhere on campus 30 minutes before to 30 minutes after meal serving times. 


In middle school, vending machines must be turned off during meal times. 


Food in the Classroom for Instructional Purposes


Food should not be used for instructional purposes (as stated in district policy FFA, Local, unless the food is required for teaching students about nutrition or foods of different cultures. 


If foods are used for instructional purposes, the foods may not be FMNV’s or candy at any time (including chocolate).


The food given during a classroom lesson is to be for a taste only and not be in the place of a meal provided during the student’s breakfast or lunch period. 


State and District Compliance and Monitoring:


The AISD Assistant Director of Comprehensive Health Services will support and monitor campuses’ compliance with nutrition policy and FFA (Legal, Local, Exhibit). 


The three exempted days and/or events must be identified and submitted to the Office of Comprehensive Health annually.


If you have any questions regarding the policy, please contact Tracy Spinner, Assistant Director of Health Services, 414-9778, tracy.spinner@austinisd.org.