Gordon A. Bailey Middle School

No-Cost Flu Clinic at Bailey on 10/25

Did you sign your student up for the free flu shot clinic back in September? The clinic will take place on Thursday, October 25th. Students who turned in consent forms or filled out the online form will receive a pass to leave class and receive their flu shot.

Students will be provided with a proof of the vaccination the day of the clinic.  The letter will have the child’s name, vaccine info (Lot and Expiration of vaccine used), date administered and the nurse's signature.

Once the students are vaccinated, they will sit in a post-vaccination area for 5-10 minutes.  

 If a student is not vaccinated, they will receive a "Did Not Vaccinate" (DNV) letter to take home to parent/guardians.  This letter will have an explanation as to why their student could not be vaccinated.  Examples for DNVs include: uncooperative students, visibly ill children, or a medical disqualifier marked YES on the consent form.