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Important Information for Bailey Students - Please Read!


Welcome Back Bailey Bears!


Hello Bears! 


This is Mr. Rocha and I want to welcome you back to school!  That sounds a little weird right now, doesn't it?  But it's true, and all of the teachers and staff at Bailey are very excited about welcoming you back to "Virtual School."   It might look different, and it might take us a little while to get used to, but this can be an exciting opportunity for all of us to look at "school" through a new lens.  You guys will be helping all of us, teachers, administrators, even your parents, learn new ways of utilizing technology in your education.  That means we're all in this together!  We will continue to teach you, but we need your help in learning how to do this in the most interesting and effective ways.  We can’t do it with you!  


Here is some important information you'll need to know as we get started with learning again.


When does school start?  
Learning starts up again tomorrow, Monday April 6th.   Teachers will begin dropping (posting) Learning Activities (lessons) later today in BLEND.  Be sure to check your teachers’ BLEND pages.  After 5:00PM today you should find activities posted on each one of your teachers’ BLEND pages.  You can begin working to complete those activities at any time.  Instructions will be included, along with information about when they should be completed.


Are we going back to our classrooms at Bailey?   
No, not anytime soon.  Because of the virus outbreak, our local and state health officials have recommended that schools be closed indefinitely to keep as many people as safe as possible.  With the social distancing guidelines currently in place, we simply can't gather in large numbers at school.  Our Bailey school building is completely closed through the end of the school year, and probably longer.  We just don't know for how long.  That doesn't mean learning stops.  It just means we have to do it differently, and we can all do that learning together.  


How will this "remote learning" work?  
Teachers will be dropping (posting) two lessons into their BLEND pages each week.  Today, lessons will be dropped into BLEND by 5:00PM.  After today, the weekly lessons will be dropped into BLEND every Friday by 3:00PM.  You'll have to check in with each of your teachers about when those activities are due.


What will my Learning Activities look like?
This is where things get interesting.  These activities may look very different from teacher to teacher.  Some may be videos of your teacher teaching a concept, or a video made by someone else.  Some may involve downloads of documents to read and study.  Some may be postings of problems that need to be solved or research that needs to be done.  There are many different forms these learning activities can take.  Everything will come with instructions about what you are expected to learn.  All of the learning activities are based on the TEKS (the skills) we haven’t covered yet and they still needed to learned. 


Will I be attending regular classes every day , like 1st period, 2nd period, etc.?
No.  We won't be following our regular class schedule the way we used to.  Now, the activities will show up in BLEND on Fridays, and you can begin working on them at any time.  You should get started early and give yourself plenty of time to complete all assignments before the next Friday.  (Most learning activities will be due in one week, but check with each of your teachers for details.)  You will be working at your own pace so make sure you are keeping track of all assignments.


What if I don't understand a Learning Activity and I need a little help? 
Great question!  Teachers will be available during their "Office Hours" - one hour per day, Monday through Thursday.  Office Hours is a practice used in colleges and universities where professors are available at certain times during the week for students to ask questions and maybe get some extra help.  Our teachers will be doing the same thing.  All of your teachers will have different office hours so you should be able to reach any of them, all at different times of the day.  


How do I get in touch with my teachers?  
Teachers may be using various communication tools during their office hours.  They should post instructions on their BLEND pages about how to reach them during their office hours.  You'll be using your Chromebook for that.  Teachers might be using Blend conferences, or Zoom calls, or some other communication platform.  This kind of virtual communicating is new for many of us, but we are all learning together.  You can DO this!  Just be patient and follow the instructions your teachers provide for you. Remember, each teacher will be available every day at a specific time so you can ask questions and get some help when you need it.  


Teacher Office Hours schedules by Grade Level  
Please see our BaileyBears.org web site where the teacher "Office Hours" schedules are posted.  You can also use this link: http://www.baileybears.org/announcements/bailey-teacher-office-hours-schedule 


Are these learning activities going to be graded?  
We don't know the answer to that question yet.  The AISD School Board and the Superintendent still have to make that decision.  In the meantime, as always, you should be doing your best work.  This is your learning, and the more effort you put in the more you will learn.  You are still responsible for learning this material, just as if we were in regular session, so now is not the time to slack off.  Regular school will start back again at some point and we don't want any of our Bears to be far behind because they got lazy.  Don't let that happen to you!  Do the learning activities and stay in touch with your teachers and classmates.  Help each other - support each other.  Keep the learning going strong until we are all back together in our classrooms, hopefully someday soon.


What if I don't have my Chromebook yet?  
We don't want any student to stress out about this.  The AISD Technology Department is delivering Chromebooks to ALL middle school 6th and 7th graders in AISD.  That's over 5000 Chromebooks!  They are still delivering so please be patient.  If your parents filled out the Technology survey last week then your name is already on the delivery list.  They just haven't gotten to you yet.   If your parent did not fill out the survey, please have them call the main Bailey telephone line (512) 414-4990 and leave a message so we can get your name added to the Chromebook list.  Don't worry about getting started late on this week's learning activities.  The teachers know about some of you who might still be waiting for Chromebooks and they will be understanding.  It's okay if you get started late - they will give you plenty of time to catch up.  If you have a different device at home and you can get into BLEND, we recommend getting started.  You don't have to wait for your Chromebook.


Will we still have Advisory?  
Yes!  Your Advisory teachers want to stay in contact with you.  Our Advisory classes will meet every week on Friday mornings so we can continue with SEL lessons and have a chance to do our community circles. 


Our Digital Citizenship rules still apply, whether you are using a Chromebook at school or at home.  We should always be respectful of the learning environment, even in a virtual classroom setting.  Do the right thing – make the right choices.


Once again Bears, we are very excited to have you back and thrilled to be getting started with teaching and learning.  Be sure to reach out to your teachers for help when you need it.  This is a strange time in our world, but it is also an exciting time.  You guys will be on the cutting edge of how school and education will change for generations to come.  This is the start of something new, and you will be a part of it from the very beginning.  This group of Bailey Bears - all of you - will lead the way!   Remember always...


We are...   Bailey!             We are...   Bailey!      We are...   Bailey! 


Message for Bailey Parents,

Attached are the teacher schedules indicating their daily office hours Monday through Thursday.  You will note that each subject area is represented in at least one hour block on the schedule each day.  Some subjects are paired with others - there was no way around that.  Students will have at least 4 opportunities each week to join a teacher during their office hours for extra help and clarification.  Students are not Required to join a teacher for their Office Hours every day, but we do recommend it for those students who need extra support. 


If you need to reach out to a teacher please email them during the week (M-Th) whenever possible.  We are trying to leave their Fridays as free as possible so they can begin the feedback process.


John Rocha
Bailey Middle School


More Info:  

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