Gordon A. Bailey Middle School

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Choice Sheets & Course Descriptions

Looking for Choice Sheets & Course Description Guide?  The Counseling Department's Website has all the answers! 


Find information for:

5th Graders transitioning into 6th Grade here: https://baileycounseling.weebly.com/5th-to-6th-grade.html

6th Graders transitioning into 7th Grade here: https://baileycounseling.weebly.com/6th-to-7th-grade.html

7th Graders transitioning into 8th Grade here: https://baileycounseling.weebly.com/7th-to-8th-grade.html

8th Graders transitioning into 9th Grade here: https://baileycounseling.weebly.com/8th-to-9th-grade.html


Bailey Students received Choice Sheets in their Science Class on 2/12/18.  
Completed Choice Sheets are due back to your science teacher by 2/16/18 (you can turn it in early).  
Use PENCIL for selecting your courses.  Please print all information clearly.  No nicknames.  Use the address where you are currently residing.  If you are planning to move, note your new address at the bottom of the page.

Schedule changes must be requested by March 30th.  A verification form of the courses you selected will be sent to you to review for errors.  The verification form is not your finalized schedule and does not guarantee placement in the courses listed due to scheduling limitations and teacher allocation.   Any differences in your final schedule (handed out the first day of school) that are due to scheduling limitations do not constitute a scheduling error and will be evaluated on a case by case basis.  Any requests made after March 30th, 2018 must be in writing (or via email), approved by the principal, and subject to class availability.  A request does not guarantee a change.